Dense Pixels

Summer(Slam) of Punk (Ep 393)

August 24, 2021

Micah talks about his early impressions of 12 Minutes as Brad and Carrie taunt him with their knowledge of things to come. Epic Games gets called out on their BS by the Among Us devs. Roblox is exposing children to a labor practice that's been banned in the US for a century. Unity engine is being used for a whole lot more than games, and their employees are starting to ask questions. Todd Howard can't be stopped. We discuss whether someone whose first Final Fantasy game was FFVII Remake should play the original game that inspired it. Micah discusses his first Premier League weekend. We then talk about all the SummerSlam weekend big stories like if Bianca Belair was hard done by Becky Lynch's return and the portrayal of black wrestlers in WWE, why the Bill Goldberg experiments need to stop, and - of course - what a guy named Phil Brooks decided to talk about on Friday night.

Investigation: How Roblox is Exploiting Young Game Developers:


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