Blast Processing! - Ep141 - Dense Pixels Podcast

April 26, 2016

Micah is off galavanting in Europe this week, so Terrence and Brad bring in Rob from Black on Black Cinema to help them hold down the fort! Among the topics discussed this week are: the new project from Supergiant, Terrence’s disbelief at Pokken Tournament, workplace standards in the gaming industry, acceptable eSports sponsors, and more!

Ethiopian Micah - Ep140 - Dense Pixels Podcast

April 19, 2016

In this episode Micah has a Guile-gasm, we debate which of May’s MOBA shooters we will end up picking up, look at the crazy inner workings of Rockstar Studios, take a piss on baseball and soccer (much to Brad’s dismay), and more!

Bigot or Nah? - Ep139 - Dense Pixels Podcast

April 12, 2016

This episode Micah gives his first impressions of Quantum Break, Sony secretly added a great new feature to PS4, rumors of a new God of War and why they might be stupid, GamerGate is at it again, and more!

PIXELMANIA 2!!!!! - Ep138 - Dense Pixels Podcast

April 5, 2016

It’s the first weekend in April, which can only mean PIXELMANIA!!! We guarantee it’s the best Wrestlemania 32 review you’ll hear from any video game podcast out there! We also discuss the Nintendo Treehouse controversy, Donald Trump: The Illusive Man, Final Fantasy news, and much more!