Everything or Nothing - Ep107 - Dense Pixels Podcast

July 28, 2015

This week we talk about the latest Wii U embarrassment, how a rock-hard erection can help you in video games, Microsoft getting their just desserts, the ethnic identification of our names, the worst Bond theme song in existence, and more!

Terrence and The Bear - Ep106 - Dense Pixels Podcast

July 21, 2015

his week the crew recaps all the happenings from EVO 2015. We also discuss the new FIFA cover, Terrence’s desire to ride a bear, why you’ll never see another college sports game ever, League of Legends smart way to curb online abuse, and more!

Safe Home, Iwata - Ep105 - Dense Pixels Podcast

July 14, 2015

Brad and Terrence gives their thoughts on the passing of Nintendo’s President (and Terrence even has nice things to say!). We also discuss the nicest special edition console ever made, TWO Black Ops 3 stories, Jade Raymond’s newest endeavor, how not to deal with a girlfriend who wants to interrupt gaming time, and another edition of What Do YOU People Want!

Federal Pound You in the Ass Prison - Ep104 - Dense Pixels Podcast

July 7, 2015

This week Brad and Terrence squeeze every drop out of a limited news docket by actually coming up with a great plot for The Last of Us 2, wondering how a company would ever knowingly release a broken game, laugh at a former gaming adversary getting sent upstate, and more! Also, Terrence finally joins the current console generation, and Brad does his best Reggie Fils-Aime!