Dense Pixels Ep. 94: Looks Like eSports ARE Sports

April 29, 2015

Brad and Terrence talk the cancellation of Silent Hill and what it means for Konami, Valve’s “faux pas” and gamer entitlement, examples of good and not so good video game Kickstarters, eSports hitting the mainstream, who made the most money in gaming last year, and more!

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Dense Pixels Ep. 93: Who Likes Sausages?

April 21, 2015

Brad and Terrence make the best of a light news week by discussing just how much money Brad has dumped into Street Fighter IV (it’s a lot), discussing your answers to the question of the week about DLC, go over all the new news for Star Wars Battlefront, talk about the state of Microsoft’s first-party catalog, see how insane someone is to beat action games with a damn guitar, and more!

Dense Pixels Ep. 92: Pay-ality!

April 15, 2015

This week Brad and Terrence are joined by Jay to talk a slew of new game announcements, the true value of video games today, laziness in Mortal Kombat, live TV on Xbox One, and more!

Dense Pixels Ep. 91: INDIIIIIIIIES!!!

April 7, 2015

The crew returns with NIntendo news out the wazoo. We also talk special edition game consoles, the viability of OnLIve, 2K’s crappy move for their basketball fans, and look at the best April Fools jokes from last week.