Dense Pixels Ep. 65: Quinn Will We All Grow Up?

August 26, 2014

Yes, we talk a bunch about the elephant in the room aka the Zoe Quinn saga. We also discuss the recent PlayStation Network hack, the shocking Amazon acquisition of Twitch, and a whole lot more. For the first time ever, we also let our listeners decide some of our discussion topics!

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Playstation, zoe quinn, kotaku, diablo iii, super smash bros, playstation network, twitch

DPP EP. 64: Yoko Kano

August 19, 2014

The whole crew is live in studio and cover all the news you need to know from the last two weeks including: Casey Hudson’s departure from Bioware, Shadow Realms, the exclusivity of the new Tomb Raider, an XCOM board game (!), and more!

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Playstation, bioware, casey hudson, shadow realms, ea access, xcom board game, sleeping dogs, killer instinct season 2

Dense Pixels: Special Message

August 12, 2014

Special Message from Micah on the status of The Dense Pixels Podcast

DPP EP. 63: Stupid Skype

August 6, 2014

We are back and in our new luxurious penthouse studio! Micah can only stay for the first 15 minutes, but Terrence and Brad are still here to talk the Destiny beta, Micah’s secret Call of Duty desires, EA’s new access service, speculation about the new Mass Effect, the redundancy of Uncharted and Last of Us movies, and more!

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Playstation, call of duty, far cry 4, arkham knight, madden 15, ea access, playstation now, mass effect, bioware, dragon age, uncharted, the last of us