DPP EP. 54: Micah Loves SeaMan!

May 20, 2014

The band is back together to talk some major Microsoft announcements, the $170 Collector's Edition Micah will probably buy, how many studios it takes to develop an Ubisoft game, a major acquisition by Google, and more!

DPP Ep. 53: Lethal Weapon 2

May 13, 2014

It’s Brad and Micah flying alone again, and they still aren’t too old for this shit! This week we discuss Nintendo’s financial woes, the new Sunset Overdrive trailer, same-sex relationships in games, why betas aren’t betas anymore, the realization that we aren’t portable console consumers any longer, and more!_8h0cl59yq4QRsP9nwglHs

DPP Ep. 52: Laser Death Ray Eyes

May 5, 2014

No Brad or Terrence this week but never fear, Carrie’s here! Nintendo gets some love as we discuss their E3 strategies and the new Mario Kart Wii U bundle. Also, the passing of an actor, Disney Infinity 2.0, video game streaming through cable boxes, and Kevin Spacey in Call of Duty.PLRwowZ54zswhYZl0HlxpIHUVj6otD6EI