DPP Ep. 30: Foreskin for Your Kinect

October 29, 2013

The crew returns after a brief break, and they’re talking the validity of gamer labels, the ridiculous of timed DLC exclusives, the difference between aliens and zombies, and great looking/shitty looking basketball trailers.gXcUCE0aXPc-7nXrLlz8zwekrauOlb-Ps

DPP Ep. 29: The Ebony and Ivory Episode!

October 16, 2013

Just Brad and Micah this week as they discuss the necessity of boss fights in games, go Oliver Stone in discussing the delay of Watch Dogs, the glorious return of Final Fantasy VI, and we discuss what we would spend our GTA stimulus money on.vI49Z7TJ1hMzTfTAIxczKMF-eLiPJmCQ0

DPP Ep. 28: Real Life Graphics Whore

October 8, 2013

The crew returns to talk about more GTA Online hijinxs, the impact of companion apps, a new Sleeping Dogs game, and the most expensive Android home console known to man!k1PqIWN2NnU3kHZvrjmC2gb9rIb_ALClU

DPP Ep. 27: Dragon Milking and Masturbation Jokes

October 1, 2013

Micah, Terrence and Carrie are back to talk Batman, Steam Machines, GTA Online and milking dragons!JPjFJQRKXq0kUpd9U1yR6ooXQnmuyd_Vs