DPP Ep. 22: The 2000 Flushes PS3

August 27, 2013

Jack is back! We discuss the awesomeness that is Saints Row IV, why Ubisoft needs to calm down, Sony’s UGLY new PS3 color, and a very “interesting” conversation at the end of Quick Hits.gTAAvvYJaCsGpfkxGfcSDsAy-p1FeYmvE

DPP Ep. 21: It’s the GamesCom Wrap-Up Spectacular!

August 20, 2013

GamesCom is happening this week in Germany, and the crew breaks down the news and trailer from that show including the release date of the PS4 and the XBox One launch lineup. Also discussed is live TV potentially on PS4, Call of Duty multiplayer, Killer Instinct’s business model, and a fan-made Mother sequel.zl5kpdLKpXAoutXfK6jHI0vTPWISXutrY

DPP Ep. 20: Finger Bang of Justice

August 13, 2013

We’re back with guest Carrie as we discuss Microsoft’s latest reversal, the one million dollar Saints Row IV special edition, the Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton crossover and whether or not microtransactions are a sustainable business model for triple A games. rY_odYFFtPYNj-JoqWlnwIueXKLkDl_wM

DPP Ep. 19: Stone Cold King Stunner

August 7, 2013

Brad returns to the fold as the guys talk about the Wii U’s pitiful sales to this point, why the hell we won’t see Street Fighter V for another 5 years, why it’s a bad idea to play a game where you throw your phone in the air, and what our favorite games from this console generation.eklGG-3u-2obVG7_2DtmSM6RvpkA0eobc