DPP Ep. 18: The Black Album

July 30, 2013

A slow news week and being down two men won’t stop us from podcasting! Topics discussed are indie development on Xbox One, Kinect in the Navy, and minority representation in games.egXUPzs5VoIysZxm0gf7PQitRteBc3PR8

DPP Ep. 17: Nintendogs and Cat Strollers

July 24, 2013

Despite it being a slow news week, the guys managed to get a whole show...hope you enjoy tangents! Topics discussed are the importance of fully-fleshed out first-person characters, Square Enix’s inability to roll the dice, and Johnny Gat is back!YlwYebr1CmgI3dlqU52oWcVguhqmAfn2k

DPP Ep. 16: Ra’s al Sam Fisher

July 16, 2013

The team welcomes Rob from Black on Black Cinema as their guest this week to talk Microsoft’s continued faux pas, how much jail time idle threats in League of Legends gets you, whether Sam Fisher can be as cool as James Bond, whether eSports will make it big, and more.mg87A_KhGeQNDBR4ru-wGE3o4qXyGofCY

DPP Ep. 15: Nintendo: “I failed miserably”

July 8, 2013

We’re back after a week’s absence with a special guest: Carrie of The Nerpocalypse and formerly of VG Confab! On the docket this week was the discussion of Nintendo’s relevance in the current marketplace, Don Mattrick’s sudden to Zynga, shitty vampire stealth games, why Final Fantasy VI is the best Final Fantasy, and seriously, people can’t beat the first level of Mario Bros.PGmhHkwSUGApHTrSROV-VE7W_FIMh4gK0