Episode 2: Announcing the FaceStation!

February 20, 2013

Did you hear that Sony announced the PlayStation 4? The guys talk a whole bunch about what they think about the big NYC event, as well as Bungie’s new game Destiny, whether Metal Gear Rising is worth it, why XBox rumors are stupid, and did we mention the PlayStation 4 was announced?fpNWk5UIGV09JvTvZp8NX0Azm-xecHLOQ

Episode 1: CG Trailers are Strippers

February 6, 2013

Our first episode! The guys talk this week about violence in video games, the attitude of Japanese gaming companies, PlayStation 4 rumblings and rumors, and so much more. Jack gives his impressions of the newly-released Dead Space 3, Micah and Terrance laud DMC, and Brad professes his adoration for Ni No Kuni.DUdo2Z-dUFM3ZiGwMB4hFk-XhaTW9aT1I