PIXEL RUMBLE!!!!! - Ep128 - Dense Pixels Podcast

January 27, 2016

We’re back to break down the 2016 Royal Rumble and it's surprising (but totally predicted by Brad) conclusion while also discussing the state of the Diva’s division in WWE and the greatness that is Kevin Owens. Oh, and...uh...we talk some video game news also!

Marcus Killed the PSP - Ep127 - Dense Pixels Podcast

January 19, 2016

This week we laugh at Micah’s poor impulse control (again), David Hayter’s savagery. Discuss the top selling video game franchises of all time, talk some Kickstarter, and more!

TPS Reports - Ep126 - Dense Pixels Podcast

January 12, 2016

Another wine out of water week for us, as we learned what Micah’s official title was at Target, find out the price of the Oculus Rift, pontificate on whether Jesus could be Gordon Freeman, shed a tear for video game pirates, and more!

Trying to Keep it Clean in 2016 - Ep125 - Dense Pixels Podcast

January 5, 2016

We’re back with our first episode of the new year, and it’s jam-packed! We talk the new setting for Assassin’s Creed, make fun of a 9-year old kid, rationalize how paying for a level boost is bad but paying for the Apache Dance is good, new dealings with Hideo Kojima, and a whole lot more!