Flashback Episode: Ep55 Menacing, Judgmental Eyes

July 29, 2014

In the lead up to E3, the crew talks Glenn Beck and his (incorrect) thoughts on Watch Dogs and give their impressions of the game, opine at how Mario Kart 8 is impressively unimpressive, share their thoughts on Transistor, lament the prolonged life of the terrible GameCube controller, and more! Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Wii U, Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, Glenn Beck, Evolve, Homefront, Harmonix, Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Batman Arkham Knight, Mortal Kombat X

DPP EP. 62: Disturbery

July 22, 2014

The Dense Pixels crew is back with special guest and host of the Mouthful of Toast podcast, Carrie. This week we chat about fan translations, the aftermath of failed Kickstarters, Microsoft closing its entertainment division, and Google hiring hackers.

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Playstation, Square-Enix, Maxis, Mobile Games, Google, Madden, Sims

DPP EP. 61: Acceptable Animal Cruelty

July 15, 2014

The crew is back, and this week they talk a bit about fighting games and FIFA. Also, the guys get into Gamestop wanting to fund exclusive game content, more Cliffy B, New York Undercover, Super Shredder, real-life Pokemon battles and Mooooortal Koooombaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Playstation, Pokemon, FIFA, Cliffy B, Killer Instinct, Smash Bros, Gamestop, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Battleborn

DPP EP. 60: No Girls Allowed!

July 8, 2014

This week Carrie fills in for Terrence and we discuss the value of collector’s editions for new IP’s, and the 3 B’s: Butts, BlazBlue, and Borderlands. Plus, League of Legends is now a varsity sport and the Fins don’t want boys and girls to play together.

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Playstation Plus, Destiny, BlazBlue, Cliffy B, OUYA, Hearthstone, GTA, Dragon Age, Borderlands, League of Legends, Xbox, Playstation

DPP EP. 59: That Bigotry Tastes Good

July 1, 2014

The guys make the best out of a slow news week to talk about a game dumber than even Goat Simulator, Cliffy B’s triumphant return to gaming, Nintendo not learning from their recent past, the merit of glitched speed runs, and more!

Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Wii U, Bungie, Sniper Elite, Mighty No. 9, Fallout