DPP Ep. 14: Peeing on a Car in the Parking Lot

June 26, 2013

This week the crew examines the positivity of Microsoft reversing course on their DRM policies, Ellen Page thinking everybody looks like her, the Japanese being set in their ways, ruptured breast implants (really!), and examine if review scores and Metacritic are a good thing for the gaming industry.a1pL0ytLNl4eg0AmrwT-UIAo7gDbzfRNc

DPP Ep. 13: We going to the FUTURE!!! Allegedly…

June 18, 2013

The crew deals with the E3 aftermath as they break down Microsoft's PR nightmare, Cliffy B's thoughts on the pre-owned game business, Smash Bros being stressful, look at some of the big titles shown during E3, and more.iwTlZGbTTYUSc6xqE4BjUYosM1vjI8fnU

DPP Ep. 12: E3 2013 Special

June 11, 2013

This week is E3 special and we do the same mega run down of everything we saw and heard just like last year. Take a listen to this episode chock full of great details of upcoming games and systems.mzt7yml0KaEKBoDYj7PoZwe8fZrANFTSU

DPP Ep. 11: Scorpion Can Eat a Dick

June 5, 2013

The crew gives you their E3 predictions a week before the big event, and debates how much the new consoles will cost. Also discussed are Microsoft’s billion dollar investment, Sony’s stance on DRM, more Kickstarter successes and failures, and Terrence condemns the addition of Scorpion to Injustice.1ts5fTNRX74loCV2_mfrwc9_iSyXIkXjg